Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Little More about "WHY?"

Since we have begun to think about the possibility of this trip and started to broach the subject with family and friends (as I am not at all good with holding things close to my chest), many have been enthusiastic and assumed it was a spectacular idea while others have wanted to know why.
In attempting to answer the why, another family said it better than I could.  The following is quoted from the James family on their their RTW travel blog  at

The three things they've found that families who decide to take such a journey have in common:
First, each family has expressed the feeling that time with your children is fleeting. They made a choice to share an extraordinary family experience, one that will never be forgotten.
Second, each of these families seems to embrace the idea that there is much more to life than school and a career; that other, less traditional paths can have their own rewards.
And third, each family seems to recognize that seeing the world from the perspective of other people and other cultures makes for a more enlightened world view, and perhaps makes us more understanding citizens of the world.

My family had a good laugh when I read this to them the other night and began to tear up. After all nothing is funnier than watching mom get all sappy reading travel blogs.  It was just that I got emotional seeing my own feelings articulated. I felt a real connection with all of those other families who've felt this way and then made it happen.

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  1. Carrie, I think you are awesome. I love your idea and can't wait to follow your adventure around the world.