Saturday, March 26, 2011

Help for Our Itinerary!

This weekend has been a crazy ride.  Recently we had begun to despair at finding a family who wanted to rent our home furnished and equipped - the missing vital ingredient to the viability of our trip.  Mark used that as an excuse to build a second story in the barn - idea being that we could move everything we owned up there, thereby becoming attractive to a more traditional tenant. Well now the barn loft is built, but the amazing news is that the perfect tenants appeared on our doorstep on Thursday at 3 and by Sunday at 11 we had a deal.  Suddenly my crazy dream, which is now officially just 2 months old, is really really real. We are going! The Pullens are going RTW.  We are excited, we are overwhelmed, and we are going to be very very busy. Because ready or not, we are leaving on our RTW trip in 4 (actually somewhat less than four) very short months.

Now we need an itinerary (where in the world should we go), and plane tickets (the variables are completely overwhelming), travel gear (we have to carry everything we need for 9 or 10 months on our backs), inoculations (ouch -  in more ways than one because they are ridiculously expensive), online classes (Literature, History and Math x 2),  a new roof (because tenants tend to frown on rain gushing thru the ceiling), homes for our pets and . . . . . more faith than we ever thought possible!  But what is weighing especially heavy on our hearts tonight is how much we will miss our amazing friends and family.  Because we are especially blessed.

So now as we sit here as a family working simultaneously on three computers, in our newly remodeled kitchen, with the heat on, along with most every light in the house, we feel like we are planning a trip to the moon.  But lucky for us, other families have made this voyage and we plan to follow in their serendipitously well blogged footsteps.

So now we are asking everyone we know, or even those we don't, to please weigh in.  Where in the world should we go?  Now is the time to let us know.  Because the world is our oyster!


  1. You have to go to Botswana too for can do it much cheaper than I did and all that matters really is seeing the wildlife, but that and Kenya are really abt the only 2 places left you can see them...I would skip Kruger..who wants to drive down paved paths like you're at San Diego will need to hire a tour service though because it's pretty complicated to figure out yourself.

    italy-outside of venice, rome, florence-go anywhere on the coasts (avoid Milan,genova) greece-santorini, france, austria are europe sister LOVED Croatia so go there after Italy then up to places like Vienna and Prague

  2. Hi you guys! I am thrilled by this!!!! Awesome!!!!

    I have tons of ideas and contacts. Maybe we could chat on the phone on Monday or Tues? I have a training retreat for the Rwanda and South African teams beginning Fri and am SO far behind! If that is too late, then late tonight or Th night are my only times. I do have a 3.5 car ride to Abilene area on Friday; early in the journey I have phone coverage--about 11am your time.

    So happy for ALL this amazing BONDING and the impact on Wilder and Peyton, and YOU!! B and I will be at Pepperdine in a few weeks; let's get together!