Tuesday, August 16, 2011


As I lay in bed the night before our August 1 morning departure, I was having trouble remembering why I thought this whole idea was a good one.  I think all of us were.  An especially teary-eyed (or actual sobbing in the case of the teen girls) bon voyage party thrown by our best friends really took a toll on us.  The bottom line, I came to understand, is that our comfort zone had a very firm grasp on us.  In the end leaving felt like tearing ourselves away from everything we knew and cared about.  Luckily though at that point there was no turning back.  Equally good was the fact that, for me at least, that feeling only lasted until the next morning when we cleared security at LAX.  As we started down the long hallway to the gate, I found myself smiling and I developed a spring in my step.  I remembered then that I love traveling, that it is a fabulous adventure and a top-notch education all rolled into one.  I felt ready to go.

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