Tuesday, November 22, 2011


We had a wonderful time in London.  We only had 3 nights and about 3 ½ days there, but we made the most of them.  Usually when we arrive in a new city the whole day is eaten up getting to our accommodations, finding food basics and collapsing to rest up from the stress of travel.  Here we arrived in Gatwick just past noon, made it to our nice little one bedroom apartment in Camden by about 3 o’clock, plugged into our desperately missed free wifi for a couple of hours, tracked down a recommended Mexican restaurant for dinner AND found the half price ticket booth in Leicester Square, purchased 8th row center tickets to (and then attended) Les Miserables.  It was a great cast and a fantastic show and a very successful first day.

The second day was mostly sucked up with locating and obtaining replacement Doxycycline, the anti malarial meds we had already bought at home, but somehow managed to lose.  This cost us half a day and a very dear $455.  I believe we bought these same meds in the states for about $140.  We also got a really good view of Britian’s public health system.  I think I’ll stick with ours – regardless of its flaws.  The rest of the day we spent seeing some of the city and then having dumplings and noodles in a little place in China Town.  They were so good that Peyton and I went back the next night. 

Day three we spent wandering around the markets in Camden town.  The kids really enjoyed this.  It made us think of some of our friends back home (Brigid and Cordelia).

In the evening Mark and Wilder set out to the O2 Arena with plans to scalp tickets to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert.  Peyton and I took 3 trains and a bus out to a Cheer Gym she had located before we even left home so she could attend open gym.  We all had a great evening.  Mark and Wilder scored pit tickets for face value, and Peyton got a great workout on a spring floor for the first time in three months (the blur in the pics below is her.)  They both got a nice T-shirt.

On our last day we tracked down one of our home-town favorite restaurants, Chipotle, newly opened in London.  It tasted exactly the same.

Then we took a long walk along the Thames, past Big Ben, the London eye, and the Tate Museum, finishing at St Paul’s Cathedral.  Afterwards we packed our bags and went to catch our overnight plane to Dar Es Salam, Tanzania where we would transfer to another that would take us out to Arusha to rejoin my parents and begin our Safari!

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