Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Auckland, New Zealand

In Auckland we had a nice 3 bedroom flat that was the second story of a gated home in Mission Bay, a nice beachside suburb.  We could walk to the restaurant area and a nice grocery, and could catch a bus right out front to the city center.

On our first day into the city center we went to the Auckland Museum.  This turned out to be a big hit with the family.  This was due, according to Wilder, to the fact that it was a history and cultural museum versus the familiar art type variety.  We learned about the physical development of New Zealand, watched a Maori cultural show and experienced a volcano simulator.

Auckland is a nice enough city we decided with it's undulating coast line, the city of sails.  It seemed though strangely deserted to us.  Where were all the people?  It turns out all of New Zealand is like that - blissfully uncrowded.

Mostly though we bided our time until our friend Barbara flew in from LA.  Barbara is a very great friend of ours, ever since she was the cutest 5 year old you’ve ever seen, and we were thrilled to share with her a week of our around the world trip during her spring break from UCSB.

Our major outing in Auckland was an afternoon on a ship that the Japanese sailed into the semi finals of the America’s Cup race.  It was a very cool boat.  We sailed it for two hours through the bay and within sight of our apartment’s balcony.  It was definitely different than your everyday run-of-the-mill sailboat ride.  We went really fast and keeled waaaay over; we didn’t lose anyone, though we might have.  Both Barbara and Wilder got a chance to captain the boat, Wilder between the piers underneath the Auckland Bridge.  The view was fabulous, and it was a fantastic day.

That same day we wandered through the Maritime Museum and learned about how Polynesians first settled New Zealand.

Tomorrow we check out of our digs and head out to see some of the North Island, during the 5 short days that we have left to show Barbara a good time.

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