Saturday, April 28, 2012


1.  That it is not really a small world but rather a BIG one, 9 months barely makes a dent.

2.  That where you are is less important than who you are with.

3.  That there are more kind people in the world than evil.  But that sometimes it seems like the evil ones get more done.  They definitely get more press.

4.  That most prices are negotiable, if you are willing to ask but also willing to walk away.

5.  That European colonization still hurts.

6.  That you can get Pantene shampoo and pizza anywhere but not hot dogs, macaroni and cheese or iced tea.

7.  That many Europeans and Australians think America's glory days are behind us.

8.  That I prefer cities to beaches - or even better perhaps cities with beaches (5 out of 7 of my trip favorites.)

9.  That our children are brave.

10.  That I love my family and they love me - even when subjected to each other 24/7 for 9 long months.

But most importantly . . .

that what we have at home is darn good and worth coming home to, and that there is no where in the world I'd rather be - at least for now.

What coming home looked like.

Recycled for when we picked up Wilder.

The view from the top of Pinnacle Peak by my parent's house in Scottsdale.

A really warm welcome at Chaminade.

My besties sent this package all the way to Africa for my birthday.
When it didn't arrive in time for us to claim it, Africa sent it all the way back.

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  1. Hi the Pullens!

    I'm very glad you came home safe and brought along great happiness and experience.

    Wish you all the best!